All devices an automations lost

After deleting the Smarthings app and reinstalling it on my mobile, all devices and all automations have disappeared - everything is blank. If I select Favorites it just says “Preparing everything” but nothing happens.
I’m sure I used the correct user address and password because everything works on my wife’s phone. The strange thing is that under “menu - gear - Connected services” I can see all the devices for the Google - IFTTT - eWeLink - Smart Life applications.


signing out in the app… go to Menu > your Samsung account > Sign out. Then sign back in

Done - but same lack of result. Just saying “Prepairing all”

If android, try clearing the app cache. Also, click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen and ensure you are on the correct Location.

If all fails, contact ST support.

Cache cleared - same result. Pressing the Home result only in the message “Reading…”.
Also, I have tried Samsung support, but they never answer.
Thanks for trying to help.

a while back this happened with one of my systems that i oversee. everything was there on one partys cell phone, but not the other. the fix eventually was to in and out of the cell phone over some time then everything came back. the good thing is that everything is still there as it showed up on the other partys cell phone.