All device history stopped working this morning

I have been trying to fix some issues I have been having this morning. I noticed that device history has not been working since around 6 am Est. Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I don’t see any history in the app or via the API Browser after about 2am today.

Was the device history generated by a Groovy app. lol

some of my devices show no history since yesterday around 11 PM

I see history of routines from as recent as 30 min ago, but no device history since about 4:30a CST for any devices with DTH’s and 530a for any Edge devices or cloud integrations.

I have no more devices using DTH’s. How are you seing the routines history? I have been trying to figure that out

In the app. Menu> History.

Thanks, now I feel dumb!

Bar graph on temperature and humidity devices have not updated since about 5 am EST.