Alexa with 7 Inch Touch Screen


Get ready to replace all your Alexas… every room is going to need a few of these…

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not gonna happen… I’ve never liked the touchscreen concept of control…


But it will display information to you and probably have a camera on it too…

I see a intercom function in the future.

You don’t have to use the touch portion of it…

then what’s the difference? I’m not using the screen on my Echo’s now… lol

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Isn’t that what the $33 Fire is for ? Alexa with a touchscreen for SmartTiles


Would you please elaborate JH1 ?

In the article, that’s all I know!

Not a good Idea at all people use Alexa because it is voice controlled who wants another tablet

I can see it being useful for those that want to fetch data and have it displayed in cases where that is the easier to consume method for that data and context.

But this is coming from someone that neither has nor wants Alex or GH.

I think there are now four different threads on this, but I’m too tired to look them all up. :wink:

So I’ll just repeat myself: there are lots of things that I use echo for where the cards that currently display in the Alexa app would be useful for at a glance information. For example, weather and box scores.

There are a lot of people who won’t use this, but there are a lot of people who will.

There is an existing device that can do this and you can watch that video if you want to see some other examples, but that device costs about $500 and doesn’t have full echo functionality, for example, it can’t play Spotify.

So if Amazon comes out with their own version that costs around $300, I would definitely consider getting one of those for the house. Not replacing all the echoes that we have, but just as another option. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

This item, if it even makes it out to the public, will be a smaller version of the nucleus device. Basically intercom with amazon fire tablet capabilities. I can see use cases in a kitchen but not everywhere nor as a replacement for the echo dot or the echo when a tablet is not necessary. What needs to happen for Amazon is to enable voice notifications, enable choosing of which echo to send sound or responses to, and allow for information to show up on tv screen in some function that is relatively cheap like google does with its chromecast. Then the alexa home will dominate the space for voice and home automation.

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Would be great.


You may not use touch and may never want to use touch, and while you may not use a screen today - the screen may have some utility as a visual output device?


Who wants to say Alexa repeat the weather again when you can look up at your wall and have the last card displayed. Or for that matter why ask Alexa what the last message was, when you can have it on the wall. Or…why ask Alexa who is playing on the radio when…well it’s on your wall. And do you know what lights are on or doors unlocked yeah, that’s on the wall too but wait Alexa doesn’t know, it’s Smart Tiles…

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What I see as the natural location and application of an Alexa with touchscreen is in the kitchen. Folks have been trying to make recipe interaction electronic for ages. The problem is this: I’m baking cookies and making soup simultaneously. I need the recipes for both at hand, right now. The printed page? It gets mucked up with ingredients from my hands. Same with a touchscreen… and a ‘spoken’ recipe, from something like Alexa, cannot adequately substitute as a reference for a visual.

The natural functionality, therefore, would be to have voice control over screen navigation:
Alexa, switch to the soup recipe.
Alexa, scroll down… Alexa, scroll right and zoom in.
Alexa, switch back to the cookie recipe and scroll up.

The screen should be embedded in a fridge door or cabinet door IMO, to keep precious counter space free and to lessen the likelihood of ingredients mucking up the screen. And then you could, of course, as you’re working over by the stove say ”Alexa, how much brown sugar in the cookie recipe again?" and she would answer audibly.

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