Alexa whisper mode

In case you missed it.

Alexa will now whisper to you if you take to it in a whisper.


Okay…am I the only one that is REALLY creeped out by that voice. She sounds like she’ll be jumping out of that speaker any second to eat you. She sounds like what I would expect that chick from The Ring to sound like.

LMAO! Seven Days…

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If you are in the US and don’t see the setting in the Alexa app, try logging out of the app and signing back in. That made it show up for me. (I had to do the same thing to see the smart home sensors in routines when they came out.)

Yeah…it’s creepy. They should have just made her use a lower volume instead of simulating human whispering. The WAF will plummet every time I whisper to Alexa in the middle of night from our bed.

My WAF drops every time I whisper to another woman in bed too.


It hadn’t shown up in my app, I enabled it with…
“Alexa, turn on whisper mode.”

Now if we can force the whisper voice in the Alexa routines, that could make for some fun this Halloween.

Update: The best I could do is whisper: “Alexa, simon says, I’m going to kill you.”