Alexa Volume Keeps Going Back Down

I am new here and I hope this is the correct category. I have a hearing loss and every day I have to increase the volume to Alexa but not the Echo I have in one of the back rooms. Once I adjust the Echo volume it stays put but Alexa keeps lowering the volume every night. When I wake up in the morning I have to increase the volume back to 6. It’s like ground hog day.
Is there a way to permanently increase Alexa’s volume? I’ve tried everything and I know I am missing something.
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You should ask in the Alexa forums or contact Amazon support. They are normally very helpful. :sunglasses:

Alexa support chat:

Alexa forums:

Im sure there are other and prob better Ways. I need my volume up REALLY high for my morning routine… so i set a device volume in my morning routine, now it blasts me every morning like i need it too.

You could make an alexa routine that just adjusts you device volume to your desired volume, every day at a specific time before you get up.

Im pretty new at this smarthome stuff, so i hope you get a better answer, but until Then the above should do the trick.


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