Alexa turns the TV off but refuses to turn it on

This did work on and off for a day then it just stopped. Please fix

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Slow down with all of that useful information about what sort of TV and other equipment you have and how SmartThings is involved.

As noted in the Alexa skill notes, “*Note - This skill currently does not support major appliances such as TVs, Robot Vaccuums and AC Units. We are continually working to add more functionality to this skill.”

This is a limitation as the TV is not able to respond to the request when it is powered off. A wake-on-LAN type function would enable this functionality but is not currently available.


Support request sent thank you

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Hardware: 2018 curved 55 , eco dot 2nd
Apps: SmartThings, Alexa

It worked fine without the hub. Skill is linked in Alexa app and the permission is granted in the SmartThings app. Turn the tv off command does work not turn the tv on. I believe it has something to do with the new SmartThings app. As of now the classic is no longer available for linking and this was initially used.

Thanks for this, however it did work before and isn’t working now. I am just trying to figure out if anyone else has the same problem?

Any particular brand and model?

i had also a problem with my 2017 curved model. Its turns off but on, never

Any particular brand and model?

ue49mu6202 its my tv model.

I have a Samsung Series 9 TV.

I had the same problem using the SmarThings skill.

Luckily, I have a Sonos Beam setup and when access the TV with Alexa through the Sonos skill, it will Turn on, Turn Off, change Volume, Mute and Un-mute.