"Alexa, Turn off the entertainment center". Turns off, then DVD turns on and all hell breaks loose

Been driving me nuts for a few months now so I didn’t use it for a while. Well, now I’m determined to fix it. Running Alexa, Harmony Hub, and a ST hub. I tell Alexa to turn off the entertainment system (or Center can’t remember) it shuts everything off, Home Theater receiver, TV, and DirecTV box. Then the DVD player turns on, followed by the Home theater receiver, which then changes the input to the DVD player and feeling left out, the damn TV turns on to the welcome screen of the DVD player all thinking I’m going to watch a move, when I just want to go to bed. What I think is happening is the Harmony Hub is sending out a “OFF” blast to turn everything off which then turns on the DVD player. The home theater is “smart” and says “Ohh movie time” turns on and switches input. And finally TV comes back on.

Now the question is where do I edit the “turn off my entertainment system (or center)” at? I looked through the ST hub but don’t think it’s in there. Looked through the Alexa and Harmany hub app, unlinked and linked and re-added stuff but still can’t find it.

I honestly don’t get why the DVD player is coming on, that’s strange. I’m sure you verified that your harmony activity was all correct? The fact that everything else is turning on however is almost certainly due to HDMI-CEC. It’s a protocol that lets different devices control Each other over HDMI Check your settings on the reciever and tv and turn that off and see what happens. All I can think of to try at the moment.

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Rule of thumb with Harmony, turn off HDMI CEC for all of your devices.


You likely don’t have “discreet” on and off commands for your DVD power button. Most remotes these days just have one toggle on/off. I would explore your harmony setup to see if they have discreet commands for your DVD player and use those instead. If not I solved this on my system by plugging the DVD into my receiver via plug on back of receiver. When the receiver turns off, it kills the power to that outlet as well. Just make sure you program your remote macro to stop the DVD first before cutting power to the receiver.

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OK, turned off the HDMI CEC but I think the reason why I had it turned on was my receiver sometimes won’t pass the A/V through to my TV when it’s off. It’s a Onkyo TX-SR608 that has HDMI pass through when it’s off, but sometimes it doesn’t work then no picture or sound on the TV till we power it on.

That is a different setting on your AVR… If it doesn’t work, is not due to CEC…

Yea, I got that. It’s a receiver issue. I just turned on CEC because the wife got tired of turning on the TV with the Directv remote just to watch and not seeing anything. Receiver is 4 to 5 years old and started looking at newer ones.

FYI, not necessarily true. I have it on with my Denon AVR / Vizio TV without any issues.

Me too :slight_smile: