Alexa to turn "off" a routine not turn "on"

I tried to search for an answer but these terms are too common.

How do I setup a routine which I can ask alexa to turn “off”, not “on”. For example I have a Smartthings routine called “everythig” which turns off all my lights, sockets and sonos. Currently I have to say to alexa “turn on ‘everything’”. Which is odd as I’m trying to turn them off.

I want to say “alexa turn off eveything” or " or better still, with my younomi integration I could say “Alexa turn everything off”

Please can somebody point me to the right place?

Many thanks.

You could set up a group in the Alexa app/Web UI that contains all your desired lights then ask Alexa to turn the group on or off.


Thanks for the quick reply. You have made me realise my problem looked to be only lights related. However i have a few different devices in a routine, I was just using lights as an example.

I have edited the post to correct.

Thanks you

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Use virtual switches instead of routines and use webCoRE to write the rules.

I use a cool app called Switch Mania. It creates 4 different types of virtual devices…

As far as Routines(Momentary Buttons):
You will need a routine for each operation…Routine On…Routine Off.

If you put all the item in a group in Alexa ap and call it Everything, it will turn them on and off as long as they are items that already have an on/off function.


Yep your both right, I wasn’t doing it right.

I have put my lights, sonos and switch into an Alexa group and I can turn the lot off/on.

Thank you for the help

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