Alexa to turn "off" a routine not turn "on"

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I tried to search for an answer but these terms are too common.

How do I setup a routine which I can ask alexa to turn “off”, not “on”. For example I have a Smartthings routine called “everythig” which turns off all my lights, sockets and sonos. Currently I have to say to alexa “turn on ‘everything’”. Which is odd as I’m trying to turn them off.

I want to say “alexa turn off eveything” or " or better still, with my younomi integration I could say “Alexa turn everything off”

Please can somebody point me to the right place?

Many thanks.


You could set up a group in the Alexa app/Web UI that contains all your desired lights then ask Alexa to turn the group on or off.

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Thanks for the quick reply. You have made me realise my problem looked to be only lights related. However i have a few different devices in a routine, I was just using lights as an example.

I have edited the post to correct.

Thanks you

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Use virtual switches instead of routines and use webCoRE to write the rules.

I use a cool app called Switch Mania. It creates 4 different types of virtual devices…

As far as Routines(Momentary Buttons):
You will need a routine for each operation…Routine On…Routine Off.

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If you put all the item in a group in Alexa ap and call it Everything, it will turn them on and off as long as they are items that already have an on/off function.

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Yep your both right, I wasn’t doing it right.

I have put my lights, sonos and switch into an Alexa group and I can turn the lot off/on.

Thank you for the help