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i have some routines smart apps and such to tell alexa to turn off and on a large set of lights in multiple rooms.

I tell her to turn on all lights and she says something about seeing many devices with that name which ones. and i can follow up with all of them and she does it most of the time.
im sure its the wording or some way I have the app/routines setup. I would like more of a firm on and off so i don’t have to repeat or follow up. Can someone suggest the best practice for turning on a large group of lights that are in a few rooms.


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For Alexa, it’s all about what you name stuff. Experiment with different names.


will do thanks

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One thing you can do is this.

In the Alexa App create a group, Call it something that makes sense, Like “Living Room Lights”. Check the box next to all of the lights you want in that group. Click Save.

Now say this, “Alexa, Turn on Living Room Lights”. All of the devices in that group should turn on.

If you have routines you want to run, check out this smartapp - Alexa Helper

If you can be more specific in what you’re needing help with, we can help you a lot better.


Hi @Cino,

We can help! @bamarayne’s suggestion is perfect. I use groups in Alexa to control a group of lights all the time, and it works great.

For example, when I say “Alexa, turn on regular lights” my kitchen ceiling lights, under cabinet lights, 2 great room lamps, and a set of can lights turn on.

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Another great thing about Alexa Groups is that you can have a device in multiple groups at once. So if you call a room one thing and another family member calls it something else, it’s ok.

You call it the Office… put the lights in the Office group and you tell Alexa to turn on the Office and she does.
Your family calls it the Study… put the same lights in the Study group and they work there as well.

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We take this same approach.

I also have simple variants for how we say things like:

Entry lights
Entry way lights

Maintaining the variants isn’t too hard, though it would be nice to have aliases for group names to avoid having to duplicate effort.