Set the Mood (Alexa to trigger Lights + Sonos + Fireplace): how does SmartThings fit in?

Hi - I am super new and admittedly don’t know much about how all these apps talk together. I just bought an Amazon Echo Dot. I realized it won’t connect to my any of my lights without SmartThings (seems surprising to me). I was then again surprised I couldn’t do something that seems as simple as say “Alexa, set the mood” and have that trigger a bunch of easily set-able commands like trigger all the lights to dim, play a sexy music playlist, and light the fireplace. I’ve done a lot of searching, and figured out how to setup a routine in Alexa that has “Set the Mood” trigger all Lights to dim. I downloaded Yonomi and set that up to play a playlist on a specific Sonos speaker from Panodora - But Alexa won’t let me add the Yonomi routine to the Alexa routine. Is there anyway to do this? It seems like a no brainer.
I had no idea it was so complicated to customize smart home devices.

Seems like your question is about Alexa and Yonomi? This is a SmartThings forum so you may not get many answers.

If you have a SmartThings Hub, then you can see this link for instructions on setting up SmartThings Routines to work with Alexa:

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I am also using a SmartThings hub. It looks like it might not be able to do
what I’m trying to do without talking to other apps or devices. I was just
surprised to find out that some things you would think these things should
be able to do easily aren’t readily available.

If you have a ST hub, all you need to do is create a routine (or a scene, which would be the better choice, IMHO), name it “Set the mood” and then have Alexa discover devices. Alexa will discover the Routine or Scene as a device.

In your “Set the mood” on ST, you can use the Sonos integration to play a playlist and I believe you can integrate that into your routine or scene on ST.

Finally tell Alexa to “turn on set the mood” and the Routine or Scene will run.

Yonomi, for all its features, was a let down for me. Stringify has MUCH better integrations and options in terms of creating routines, however I still find that I can do nearly everything I need to with just ST and webCoRE. You can also do all of this easily in webCoRE.

ST currently has no “playlist” integration from Sonos. Only way I know to achieve a particular playlist or station playing via a voice controlled routine with Alexa, was by using the Harmony Hub for sonos playlist integration along with ST hub using a routine or scene(for devices not listed in Harmony). I would like to be wrong about ST not having playlist integration from Sonos, but I just tried it hoping it was something new. Also there could be other ways I’m not aware of.

Ahhhh, I had thought it was incorporated as well (I sold off my Sonos speakers last year). That sucks. I guess it can only be done through webCoRE.