Alexa scenes

Can anyone tell me where the scenes are located on the alexa app? Its not in the usual spot that online tells you

  1. select “devices“ in the lower right

  2. select “scenes“ from the device categories

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Perfect, thanks!

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What if the SmartThings scene is not listed after device discovery?

Then it probably includes a lock or another “security“ item and Amazon will not accept it as a voice controllable scene.

There is a separate Discover for scenes

I have not found that to be true. They are discovered exactly the same as devices for me. There are some limitations. Here’s the Alexa developers documentation on that:

And the official SmartThings support article says the same thing: scenes are discovered along with devices, but there are some limitations:

I deleted all of my devices and scenes from the Alexa app yesterday before disabling the skill.
When I was ready to rebuild, I gave Alexa a verbal command “Discover”.
My devices showed up but not scenes. The was a button saying “Discover scenes” - I clicked it and my scenes appeared…

Maybe the new skill is working different.

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Thanks @JDRoberts, yes that was the issue. :slight_smile:

I also deleted all of my devices and scenes, to help reduce any duplicates and start clean. After I deleted all of them I too recall seeing both a device and scene discover option. But after it discovered scenes I now only have the discover devices option. But that does discover scenes too.

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My Discover scenes button is always present. I just clicked it and found no new scenes, but the button is still here…

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Interesting! That’s new. :sunglasses: nothing to do with smartthings, though, it’s on the Alexa side. Looks like using that option will only discover scenes, were saying “discover new devices“ will discover both scenes and devices. Maybe it’s just so it will run faster?