Alexa Reminders for Samsung Washer on Smarthings?

I’d like Alexa to continuously remind me that wet clothes are still in the washer until it’s been opened.

I can set up a routine on the SmartThings app to notify us multiple times which is the next best thing but it won’t announce it on Alexa which is what I need. I’ve tried different things on both apps but I’m not quite getting it.

This is one of the reasons I wanted a smart washer was so it would yell at me until I moved my laundry over lol!! Plus I need it for the whole house of people who have Alexa. If someone isn’t home then other people can switch over their laundry.

Do you have a SmartThings/aeotec hub? And if so, which model? If not, do you happen to have a Hue bridge?

There is a way to do this, but it requires using an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) to tell your echo devices to make the announcement.

Here’s the community FAQ on how to trigger an Alexa routine from an event that SmartThings is aware of.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

If reading that isn’t enough to get you to the next step, then, again, let us know if you have a hub or not, and we can help figure something out.

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Assuming you have a smartthings hub, you can create a virtual Alexa switch & child contact (refer JD’s post on how to do this), create a routine in ST to turn on this virtual switch (which will turn on the virtual contact as well) when the washer is completed, check if this virtual contact is On in the ‘IF’ condition of Alexa and create a ‘follow-up reminder’ in the ‘Then’ condition of Alexa routine such that it fires every hour till the reminder is dismissed. To create a follow-up reminder in Alexa, you can add something like this in the next condition ‘Alexa, create a follow-up reminder for drying the wet clothes…’

Also, you mentioned you can set up a smartthings routine and notify multiple times so I am assuming this is in your hands and you know how to do this?

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