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Hello all,

Hope you guys can help me out with this one!! I have a few ir devices that are set up through the harmony hub (a floor Fan is the device in question, this device has been added to a activity called “floor Fan” since smartthings can only handle change to harmony activities and not direct harmony device changes) which I have connected to smartthings. The new update that just got pushed has changed things around quite an it in the Alexa app, within the alexa app, it looks like the harmony activities have gotten added inside of Alexa as “Scenes”. The scene floor Fan shows up in the list but Alexa only lets you turn scenes on and there is no option to select to turn the scene off.

In my case, on the ir remote, I push the same button to turn this Fan on and off. So, I hope it will toggle even if I put “turn on” in both the Alexa routines for turn off and turn on.-- I am doubting this will work because I believe harmony will see that the “scene” is already on and will not send the activity command to turn on a second time but my thinking may be wrong on that statement as I haven’t tested it yet.

Second question, does anyone know if you can schedule an Alexa routine within the Alexa app. The routine feature was also just added by amazon to the Alexa app.

If you mean in the Amazon Alexa app, yes, you trigger routines either on keywords or at schedule time.

Where in the settings of the Alexa app is the routine by time setting? I can’t find it in this new update. I must be blind.

Thank you for your help on that one!

Here you go (I’m using Alexa App Client version 1.24.2967.0)

! ! !

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Oh lord. I looked right at that screen multiple times and never looked at the bottom. It has been a long week I guess…

Thank you so much!!


Nice!!! It seems they have some work to do, though. Thermostat settings and music settings cannot be performed, yet.

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