Alexa not recognizing Smartthings

(Ellis Bellew) #1

I currently have 8 (working on more) devices connected to the smartthings hub. When I have my Amazon Echo discover new devices, it consistently only finds 5. I’ve changed the name of the devices it can’t find, restarted both, and reconnected, but nothing has worked so far.

(Dan P Parker) #2

What type(s) of device(s) are the 3 that aren’t being recognized? And what about the 5 that are being recognized?

(Nate) #3

Are you adding them to the ST echo app first? I made that mistake already. Once you do that, then rediscover them and it should pick them up.


Assuming these are device types the echo can recognize, did you authorize the use of the devices through the SmartThings app? Each device has to be individually authorized before echo will be able to discover it. See step 10) in the FAQ.

(Ellis Bellew) #5

You were right! Alexa was recognizing them, but they weren’t yet “authorized” through the Smartthings app. Thanks for the help!