Alexa Helper - Custom Light Color, Light Hue setting?

@MichaelS - first off, outstanding work!!!

Curious how I can find out what the values for the ‘custom light color -> Colored Lights Hue’ equate to?

For example in the Smartthings app, when changing the color of the lights using the light control - it will give a 4 digit code that corresponds to the light color. Was hoping to plug that into the Hue setting but the text in your code only goes from 0 to 100.

So I’m wondering what makes up the 0 to 100 values?


In SmartThings there are various ways to get color…one is hue and saturation, and the other is to give hex code to a specific color. Alexa Helper uses the hue/saturation method. Here are the colors I typically use and their values. Let me know if I understood your question correctly and this gives you what you want:

colorData << [name: "White", hue: 0, sat: 0] << [name: "Orange", hue: 11, sat: 100] << [name: "Red", hue: 100, sat: 100] << [name: "Purple", hue: 77, sat: 100]
colorData << [name: "Green", hue: 30, sat: 100] << [name: "Blue", hue: 66, sat: 100] << [name: "Yellow", hue: 16, sat: 100] << [name: "Pink", hue: 95, sat: 100]
colorData << [name: "Cyan", hue: 50, sat: 100] << [name: "Chartreuse", hue: 25, sat: 100] << [name: "Teal", hue: 44, sat: 100] << [name: "Magenta", hue: 92, sat: 100]
colorData << [name: "Violet", hue: 83, sat: 100] << [name: "Indigo", hue: 70, sat: 100]<< [name: "Marigold", hue: 16, sat: 75]<< [name: "Raspberry", hue: 99, sat: 75]
colorData << [name: "Fuchsia", hue: 92, sat: 75] << [name: "Lavender", hue: 83, sat: 75]<< [name: "Aqua", hue: 44, sat: 75]<< [name: "Amber", hue: 11, sat: 75]
colorData << [name: "Carnation", hue: 99, sat: 50] << [name: "Periwinkle", hue: 70, sat: 50]<< [name: "Pistachio", hue: 30, sat: 50]
colorData << [name: "Vanilla", hue: 16, sat: 50] << [name: "Custom-User Defined", hue: 0, sat: 0]

Yep exactly what I was looking for. Is there any way to use the hex code instead?

Or is there a hue chart / color mixer type app?

I am sure there is something on the internet…since each color is in ‘the eye of the beholder’ you pretty much have to name these based on the device you have the the actual color you see.

Thanks MIke – I figured out what I need to set, I just don’t know where in
the code I need to set it… The colorTemperature is the variable I’m
looking for.