Alexa harmony and a projector screen

Hi! I’m trying to control a projector screen with Alexa via the Harmony Hub. The screen uses an RF signal of 433.92mhz.
Anyway to convert that into a frequency the Harmony would understand? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Thanks Robin! and @JDRoberts if you’re around would be great to hear what you think.
There’s a switch on the the projector end as-well as the remote. You can see it in the attached-photo.

I did find this [Reddit thread] ( where someone one had success with the same screen as mine (Homegear 100). He was using a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant [I’ll link to this in a separate post since new users are only allowed 2 links per post] with an RF Module and some code sniffing, I lost him there… Maybe some one here understands what he was doing? or if it was a good workaround?
Than I found this thing on Ebay UK. It looks just like mine but will require some rewiring which Iv’e never done… Also not 100% sure it would work and slightly nervous to screw up the screen… Any thoughts, suggestions?

and here is that Home Assistant link