RF to IR because I’m using Harmony Hub

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Hello All! Can you guys help me figure out how to get my situation sorted out. It is very similar to what you are talking about in this thread but I am kind of lost. I posted this over on the Avs forums also but no real help was given as of yet- plus I like this community better anyways :slight_smile:

Here we go:
Could someone give me some help with this modification if I post some pictures of my remote? I currently have the mk161 module built and the 8049 added to my harmony.
I have 2 questions however, 1 is on the same direction as above. I have a remote that uses 2 AAA Batteries for total of 3 volts. The power supply I am powering the mk161 with is 12V. My question is when I come out of the 2 channels of output on the mk161 to go to the remote, do I have to have a dc-dc step down converter in-line on each of the 2 output channels between the output of the mk161 and The 3V remote control.? I plan on continuing to use the 2 AAA batteries to power the projectors rf remote control.
I?m not very sure of myself when it comes to electrical so it’s possible that what I just said makes no sense at all. Because if the power to that circuit is coming from the 2 batteries, then will I even need step down converters??- I guess I’m just afraid that when I solder the wires coming from the mk161 to the proper places on the rf remote circuit board that I will blow it up and I’m confused if the voltage difference between the 2 pieces will mess something up.

The second question is the buttons on the rf remote control on the circuit board look like they are made of a thin concave piece of tin that pops in on the center when pressed. There is a thin clear sticker over the area where this described component is. So the question is, how do I solder to it? (Since it is under the transparent sticker like material and where do I solder my + and - wires to on the described components?)

I am going to try and attach some pictures for in case my descriptions are no good.

Thank you all so much in advance!!

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Pictures are attached. This is a homegear 120” motorized projector screen. I would say a great great value for the price you can find it online for. However, I must say also, it is evident, that quality control and build quality is not that of a much more expensive screen so keep that in mind. I just couldn’t make myself spend hundreds of dollars on a screen just to upgrade to a motorized screen.