Alexa Guard

I was looking to see if my Alexa Echo Dot would switch lights on/off randomly and found that it’s possible using Alexa Guard.
I tried following the instructions to enable this in the app settings, only to discover that Guard does not appear in settings or anywhere else in the app that I can see.
Does anyone have any ideas please?

That is an Alexa feature not exposed to Samsung Smartthings. (This forum is for Samsung SmartThings users.)

You’ll find it in the Alexa app from Amazon, although it’s not yet available in all countries.

For more assistance with it, try Alexa support.

In Alexa go to Settings > Guard > cog symbol > Away Lighting.

You can create a virtual switch with contact sensors in ST and use that to activate and deactivate Alexa guard from ST. I have mine set up to turn on Alexa Guard when my house goes into the Away Mode.

@ygerlovin virtual edge switch works good for this.