Working with SmartThings after already using Alexa for many years

So I’m new to SmartThings and have a question about hooking up ST with Alexa. I have already started connecting my devices in my house and use Alexa to control them. For example I have Wemo wall plugs that hook up through the wemo app and Alexa and they work well as is. I really want to add my current devices to ST so I use the ST app to control all the devices from one app but I’m worried I will run into problems since I already have those devices hooked up through Alexa. Should I first delete all the devices in the Alexa app and then setup everything in the ST app and then have Alexa rediscover the devices after that? If I don’t do that will Alexa have duplicate devices after she pulls in the devices from the ST app? What is the best way to have the ST app be the main app to control devices manually since I already have devices hooked up through Alexa but also want to hook up those devices up through the ST app.?

No need to delete devices from Alexa and rediscover. Yes, you will end up with some duplicate devices in Alexa, but it’s an easy fix to delete the duplicates after the fact. And by opening each device in the Alexa app you can see whether it was connected through SmartThings or the other integration and choose which duplicate to delete.

I would personally delete the duplicates connected via SmartThings rather than the other way around. Your Wemo plugs for instance are currently connected to Alexa using a cloud to cloud integration. Connecting Wemo to SmartThings would also be a cloud to cloud integration. If you delete the Alexa to Wemo connection and leave only the Alexa to SmartThings integration for your plug, then controlling the Wemo plug by voice (or Alexa app/routine) would be a cloud to cloud to cloud connection (Alexa to SmartThings to Wemo). This means more lag, and more potential issues because if any one of the three clouds are having issues it won’t work. By connecting both Alexa and SmartThings directly to Wemo it will allow the quickest and least likely to fail control from either side.

Hope that makes sense. If not there are plenty of helpful people here that might be able to explain it better or in more detail.

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Thank you for the response. So are you saying I should not have Wemo in the ST app? Should I not grant ST access to the Wemo plugs since there already hooked up through Alexa or are you saying I should let ST discover them and then delete the connection in the Alexa app after? Will this allow me to control the Wemo plugs manually from ST and by voice with Alexa?


Yes, I’m saying you should connect Wemo (and any other integrations) to both SmartThings and Alexa, and then delete the duplicate devices created in the Alexa app afterward.

Yes, this will allow you to control them both with SmartThings and with Alexa.

My point above was that you have a choice about which duplicate devices to delete and which to keep.
In the end it doesn’t really matter too much because you’ll be able to control them from either service no matter what, but I’m suggesting deleting the duplicate of each device that’s connected through SmartThings rather than the duplicate connected through Wemo for the reasons mentioned above. It’s not a huge difference, but the less lag and fewer points of failure the better.

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for the detailed response.

Sorry one more question. I tried deleting the device from Alexa but she added it back after about 2 hours. Should I just not give Alexa access to this particular device through the settings in the ST app?

Yes, sorry about that. You’ll want to unselect the “allow Alexa to access to all devices, scenes and routines” option in the ST app. Then you’ll be able to select sharing only the devices that aren’t already connected to Alexa through another integration. How to navigate to that option is a bit different depending on which SmartThings app you’re using.

Got it. I was able to navigate the settings in the SmartThings app. Thanks!!

Just a head’s up that as of September 2020, Samsung is sunsetting the ‘legacy’ Alexa integration which allows you to selectively share devices with Alexa. The new Alexa integration shares all devices and routines and does not provide an option to not share. This breaks the setup you folks and I am using to avoid duplicates in Alexa.

Anyone find a solution around this?