Alexa down tonight

(Tyler Durden) #1

Alexa appears to be down. It may be related to an update pushed tonight.

(Tyler Durden) #2

Well, it looks like it has already recovered… or starting to recover. She’s responding to my ST requests again, so I’m happy.


Mine has started to respond again.

(Brian Diehl) #4

I did have issues when I got home from work last night, but only on wifi Alexa devices.
My Fire TV that is wired worked just fine (voice control through remote). My Echo and 2 Fire tablets failed though.

(Glen King) #5

Last week, their app servers went down briefly. And Google has also been experiencing problems. We cannot expect perfection, or anything resembling it, in this ongoing project. Not from ST, not from Google or Amazon, not from Microsoft or Apple or Samsung or anyone else. We can hope for it and fight for it and work toward it, but cannot expect it.

Onward. :slight_smile: