F Y I - Alexa Outage

There are reports of Amazon outage, Many or most custom skills may down for you right now.

Dev’s those using Lambda seem effected. And specific regions are effected. Not sure about UK right now.

Hah… I was literally typing a post about this very issue and saw your post pop up. Yep… can’t control any ST devices via Alexa. I have two homes with ST/Alexa installed and both homes are impacted with it.

Note: ST is working completely fine otherwise. All routines, sensor activities, smartapps, etc. are all working fine.

Yes this isn’t a ST issue, it is an Amazon issue.
They are on it… sit tight

EU is still up
Latency and API error rates mostly in US-EST-1 region right now.

Mine is down too in Georgia

Most of you state side probably sit on the US-East N.Virginia server.

Yep, can’t control anything with Alexa. Came here to see why.

remember the old days when had to go to an app … everything old is new again

Same issue here, Alexa error SmartThings isn’t responding. I can still voice control wifi devices but anything via SmartThings will have to be control via the app. EST Toronto, Canada. Looks like I’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

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On the upside … I’m not losing my mind (at least in regards to this… )

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Yeah, it looks like every skill I have is down as well. It sure would be nice if they let you know. I found one little message on the skills page of the Alexa app than stated some may have trouble adding skills. Understatement for sure. Pretty disappointing that there are indications on the Amazon AWS Dev dashboard, twitter, or any other Amazon affiliated site. Glad you all said something.

Must be Walmart’s suppliers moving out of AWS, tripped over a cable or something :wink:


The problem still exists but it seems to be improving – I can now get Alexa to work ~80% of the time.

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It’s out in US WEST Oregon.

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Same here… Sacramento, CA

woke up this morning it seems to work again.

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Mine (near San Francisco) was out for about four hours, but most of my devices also work with HomeKit, and Siri was still working, so I had voice backup. ( I prefer the voice recognition on echo and use it for choice, but Siri also works with Lutron Caseta switches and the hue bridge.)

Mine came back last night after a few hours.

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As follow up - for Developers working to write Alexa skills, you may find BRET KINSELLA’s article today of interest, and give you food for thought.

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It is a shame even with this outage, that Amazon only allows skill in the US to be in USEast…they need to have an N+1 strategy!

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