Alexa (door lock) routine question

I just got my Yale doorman L3 smart lock installed and I had to connect it to Smartthings via Alexa, which i haven´t been using before. With virtual switches and routines i can see in ST if the door is locked or unlocked and I can also lock the door from ST but I also would like get my lock opened from ST. I can lock/unlock my door easily in Alexa from device card (both without PIN) but there isn´t any routine options to open the lock. Is there any workaround for this?

I unlock my Schlage Wifi locks with Alexa routines using the custom action phrase “Unlock Lake House using pin code XXXX”. You could use virtual contact sensors in ST to trigger Alexa routines as well.


Thanks for answer!
Does your Schlange have “unlock” routine actuation in Alexa? Only routine actuation with Yale that I´ve seen is “lock”, but this can be bypassed with that?

No, there is no unlock action available for an Alexa routine. By setting a voice unlock PIN for the lock in Alexa, you can use the phrase in a custom action in a routine to unlock your lock based on a ST virtual contact sensor.

Thanks a million, that Alexa custom action for unlocking was the missing piece of the puzzle!
Little bit of virtual switches and I have now lock card in ST which shows if the door is locked/unlocked and can also lock/unlock the door with a single press.

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