Alexa-controlled, S.T. security system stopped working after upgrading Apps last weekend

Hi, I put together a security system using 3 ST sensors and a Zwave siren. Once activated, if any sensor is tripped the siren sounds. I was able to enable/disable the system by telling Alexa to "turn on security /turn off security, and I can see in the S.T. app’s dashboard if the system was enable or not. It had been working for several months.
When I tell you it took more than a year to get this up and working I am not kidding, see my other posts on this forum…
A few days ago it stopped working… I updated the ST app or the Alexa app, or both over the weekend and it stopped working. Now when I tell Alexa to enable security and she doesn’t respond, and it doesn’t turn on. Does anyone know what changed and if it is still possible to activate my system using Alexa? I have a really bad feeling that they purposely broke this in order to push their partnership with ADT.

Are you use askAlexa or Echosistant to control your ST environment? Or are you just using Alexa directly with ST?

I doubt if it had anything to do with ADT, because a lot of people are reporting problems from last weekend regardless of the devices involved. There were actually three separate sets of problems. :disappointed_relieved:

  1. If you are getting a message from Amazon that smartthings is not responding, see the following thread. This is a known problem and they are supposed to be working on it.

Two. If you use webcore as any part of the set up, it broke because of daylight savings time. There’s a fix for that one. See the following.

  1. If this is just a general, “things that were working fine for months have now stopped working,” see the following thread. It’s not clear whether all the problems reported there are all related to each other, but they all happened around the same time.

There is also a separate Alexa problem which has to do with the new Alexa feature for their routines, but that wouldn’t be something which had been working for months and then stopped.

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I dont think I use those two but I do use … ALexa helper