How to create a panic routine for all lights on with Alexa?

Been trying to create a panic routine to have all the lights come on. I seem to be able to create it in routines to use with the phone, but cannot get alexa to initiate verbally. I thought it would be good to have if someone tried to break in and I can tell Alexa to “turn panic lights on” and everything comes on at 100%. Any ideas?

Instead of a routine, create a group in the Alexa app and call it “panic lights”
Place all of your lights in it and then you just say, Alexa, turn on panic lights.


Create a virtual switch in smartthings, authorize Alexa to see it. Create an Alexa routine “panic lights” and place that virtual switch in it.
In the smartthings app, using WebCoRE, create a piston that is triggered by the virtual switch turning on. Doing it this way you have more flexibility. You can send messages, have things play on speakers, flash your lights, close the garage, lock the doors…

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I’ll give that a try. Thank you!

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Yeah, the groups function in Alexa is probably the easiest to use and doesn’t affect SmartThings. I have multiple setup like “All Lights”, “First Floor Lights”, etc. Especially when I know I left something on after I get into bed, it’s easy to just say “Alexa turn off all lights”.

I had confusing routines in alexa and smart things. I deleted the alexa, and have a routine called “Panic Lights”…if I say Alexa, turn panic lights on" the entire home lights up and all dimmers are at 100%. I then have a home app in Alexa that I tell Alexa “turn home off”…then I have to reset things back to normal. It finally works.

I’ll chime in here and say that if you want to be stealthy, just get an Aeotec Minimote or their panic button and program it to trigger “All Lights On”. You don’t have to make a sound then.