Alexa can open Schlage smart locks now

(jkp) #1

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

We’re always ahead of our time.

(Glen King) #3

Yep. Been doing this since Alexa arrived in my home. Without a PIN.

Gotta say, I’m surprised they did not hook itnto the voice recognition feature instead of a PIN.

(Jimmy) #4

With SmartThings it’s not just Schlage locks. Can do it for my August Pro, too. They also added the ability to set a device as a light or switch/plug. That way “turn off the lights” doesn’t turn off fans, appliances, etc. Two very nice additions!

(Lee Florack) #5

I have a Kwikset lock and Alexa works with it too. Just need to set it up in the app with a voice PIN code.

(MarkTr) #6

Mine is “unavailable” in Alexa app but still looks fine in ST (Classic). Need to check into it more tonight…

(jkp) #7

Is your Alexa app up-to-date on your mobile device?

(MarkTr) #8

Good point - there was an update waiting, but that hasn’t changed anything. It says “There is a problem with [lock name]. Please check on your lock.” and a banner at the top indicating the device is unresponsive. But under “Edit” I have the option to turn on the new unlock features.