Alexa can now control Nest Natively

Looks like they ‘flipped the switch’ to allow Nest to be controlled by the next natively.

I still recommend Alexa Helper ([RELEASE] Alexa Helper) to ensure you have limits set to your thermostat, but this just shows the Alexa is getting smarter and smarter!


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Sweet! Just tested it and it works. I will ditch the middle man (in this case ST) and use the direct integration as it should be more reliable.

works well

Now my echo is really confused

I have ST, Wink, Hue, Ecobee and Nest paired to Echo and most devices paired to the other creating a virtual nightmare from a control perspective …

Edit: forgot Yonomi… :frowning:

You should also look at the Skill here: that gives it even more functionality.

In looking at this the Alexa Helper app does compliment this Skill as you can name your virtual switch “Thermostat” and have consistent communication syntax with Alexa. Also, be VERY careful as there is no feedback from Alexa on what you said…58 sounds sometimes like 68 and could be the difference between AC and heat. Alexa Helper prevents this somewhat by setting limits.

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