Alexa Calling and Messaging

iOS here and working great. I’ve just played with calling and messaging from my phone to my own account and vice versa. Pretty slick. The chime for messages on the Echo’s is louder than the usual volume set on the device (have not found a setting for it yet) - kinda crazy when they all light up green and chime for a call/message.

I personally feel this is a huge update for Alexa, even without the new Show.

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This is great for when I’m trying to reach my wife and she doesn’t pick up the cell. Now the entire house will be ringing :slight_smile:


It’s out…Androids rejoice. Get it from the back end if has not been pushed to your region. For some reason the update is there if you come through Google Play link…(follow the Google Play Store at the bottom of the following link)

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Ugh doesn’t work with the tap. There goes my plan for home intercom action

ETA: Ignore everything below. I FINALLY got the updated app with messaging/calling enabled. Way cool.

That link doesn’t work…at least, not here. (“Sorry! We couldn’t find that page. Try searching or go to Amazon’s home page.”)

To what “Google Play link from the Amazon site” are you referring? I see no such thing at

I see…for some reason discourse breaks the link. I pasted the whole link…

Well, I am definitely not satisfied with the events of today… I can talk from one device in my home to another device in my home… but to start the conversation every device in the house rings… and you have to hope the right person answers.

This would be great if you only own two devices… but it seems like Amazon forgot they were selling the Dots in a 6 pack…

I can’t call one room in the house and have all 9 devices going off… what if it’s late and I want to talk to the teenagers, that stay up later than the baby…

Huge jumps forward and a huge fail all at the same time…

maybe this is just phase one…


Is it going to come down to having multiple/separate accounts for a specific set of echos so they all don’t ring at once?

That would be one way to do it. The other would be just to have faith that they’re going to address this and wait for Amazon to deliver the feature. :wink:

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You would think from a practicality standpoint they will implement this logic. Otherwise that completely defeats a true “intercom” like feature. Cleanup up on aisle 5, clean up on aisle 5! Throughout the whole store. Fingers crossed they break this down by device.

Another question that went thru my head. How quickly does Google bring their version to market?

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There is a Do not Disturb setting for each device that I gusss I can temporarily mute any device you want. You can also schedule it. I would Imagine eventually you’ll be able to send messages to directly to devices.


It’s certainly interesting time to see how Google breaks Amazon’s 70% stronghold on the voice assistant market…

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I was reading something earlier that made me think they got caught with their pants down and won’t have the counter measure ready overnight. Typically they seem to all follow suit within a week or two of each other. Amazon has to be having a field day with 2 new products. LMAO I look at everyones messages today and it looks like everyone is relieving their your, like we all got to go to toys r us today!

Bunch of kids in a candy store.

I just got an update for IFTTT too. They are doing some revamping. Now have error logging so you know when you have failed Applets and such.

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It works both ways. There have been a lot of complaints the nucleus doesn’t have a “whole house” intercom feature, you can only talk to one device at a time. You’re going to want both options eventually. If you’re trying to reach a family member, you have a big house, and you don’t know where they are, one of those “kids, dinner is ready” coming from everywhere make sense. But there will be other times when you just want to talk to one. Or a subset group. That’s why I do think Amazon will deliver the feature eventually.

I think they announced Echo Show now in order to take the wind out of the sails on the probable Siri speaker announcement at the beginning of June. And they released the calling feature now with as much as they had ready now both because of Apple and because of the HK Cortana announcement. (Which hasn’t even been mentioned in these forums in spite of the Samsung connection.).

Now no matter what Apple announces, it’s not going to leapfrog Amazon.


This is exactly what I was hoping for. The ability to talk to a single device when I want to and the ability to to talk to multiple, or all. That’s the perfect scenario for me. Hence the creation of my app, EchoSistant.

But, I’m thinking this is only phase one… let’s give it some time and see where it goes from here… It’s a great step forward, but it needs some fine tuning.

Honestly, I think Amazon would have been better off just allowing each echo to be visible as an endpoint.

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Z[quote=“bamarayne, post:27, topic:86948”]
. I can talk from one device in my home to another device in my home… but to start the conversation every device in the house rings… and you have to hope the right person answers.

How do you talk from one device to another?

Say, Alexa, call home.

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And then the mother ship will come?


Well, I contacted my son, my daughter and my sister-in-law and got all of them to update their apps and enable the feature. I then called both of my young 'uns via my downstairs Echo and their Dots. Then my SIL called us using her Echo, after calling my son. All 4 calls worked perfectly, and with far better audio quality and less latency than I was anticipating. Color me impressed so far.