Alexa Connect

Does anyone here know yet whether the Alexa connect will work with all the echo devices throughout the house, or will it work only with the one?

If you mean the new “echo connect” device that works with the landline, I had exactly the same question! I was worried that it might be making a Bluetooth connection to a single echo device.

I talked to Amazon support, and they told me that as long as all my echo devices are on the same Amazon account, I would only need one echo connect for the house and I would be able to make or receive the landline calls from any of my Amazon echo devices.

It’s not quite clear from the product description that that’s true, but I’m hoping that it is, because I have only pre-ordered one of the Connects. :sunglasses:

If you meant something else by “Alexa connect,” then we need a little more details.

And if you did mean the echo connect, I’m sure you already know this part, but for those who are new to this device, the echo connect device itself doesn’t have any of the regular Alexa features and doesn’t have a microphone or speaker. All it’s doing is plugging into your landline phone jack and connecting to your other echo device like a dot or a regular Echo, I think via Wi-Fi but possibly via Bluetooth, and then you can use your other echo device as a speakerphone for your landline.

I know most people don’t have a landline and the ones that do probably already have speakerphones that they like, but there are some of us, and I’m one of them, Who will find this very useful.

I have a landline because my medical monitoring system requires it, and I have the speakerphone but it requires pushing a button and since I have limited use of my hands, The totally hands-free option the echo provides is much better.

If you have the Connect, another echo device, and a landline, you also be able to then use your echo device to call 911, something you can’t do if you only have a mobile phone. ( you will need a mobile phone to set up calling features on your other echo device, but that mobile phone doesn’t have to live at your house, so some people are setting these up for relatives who don’t have mobile phones. )

So again, I’m sure you already know all of that, but those who are new to this device need to understand that it does require that you have both a landline and another echo device to act as the actual microphone/speaker. The echo connect is just a bridge between your landline and your other echo device. :sunglasses:


Yes, I meant the echo connect. Thanks for the reply JD. I figured you’d be on top of this topic. I pre-ordered oneyself. Although it’s not a deal breaker if it only works in one room, it would be very handy if it worked with all devices connected to the account.