Alexa Calling and Messaging

Can’t wait to freak my wife out tomorrow while I’m at work :innocent:

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Does anyone know when/if this will be usable on android in the UK

I don’t understand why we have to wait for stuff like software updates :disappointed:

is there a “drop in” feature for devices selected to accept calls from specific users ?
I had read that somewhere. Maybe I am just dreaming…

btw, is there a way to call my “mum” if she’s registered on my contact list with her name ?

My app updated. I tried to send message but she kept getting the name wrong. But now all 3 of my dots are flashing green. I can’t get them to stop. Any ideas? Don’t want that going on all night.

For the green light, have Alexa play the messages “Alexa, play my messages” or what ever your invocation name is. As far as the wrong name, my wife had the same problem. I went though her contacts on the phone and she was in there a couple of times. I cleaned it up to one contact under “Me” at the top of the contact list on our phones. Then I deleted all the duplicate entries and then updated the cloud backup of the contacts. Then deleted and reinsalled the app and the name issue was fixed. I never did find where it got the wrong name from.

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I really need to add an alias to my mother’s contact. how can I do that ?

So I updated the app on iOS to the latest version (which btw, forces me to ‘verticalize’ the iPad! :frowning: . I guess I now have to wait for the Echo Dot devices themselves to get their firmware updates, and then my updated iOS app will give me the ability to call… but not before??

Please send feedback to Amazon through the Alexa app to tell them about the app now being locked into portrait mode. I talked to three different Amazon people about this yesterday, and they said no one else is reporting it. :disappointed_relieved:

Done. Thanks JD

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If you change her contact info in your phone to Mum, this should change the contact in the phones Alexa App contacts (at least with android marshmellow on an S5) . I do not know how it will behave on the echo/dots. When I have access to my wife’s phone in the evening I can see how they react. They may use the info from her app/network/phone if on seperate account.

Edit: if the wife calls herself to talk to home, it comes across the echos as what is in her phone. If she calls my contact it comes across the echos as what is in my phone. We are all on a family account. For seperate accounts, I would belive it would come across the echo as what ever the peson you are calling has in thier contacts for the caller.

I am super stoked on this one! It is really a step in the right direction. I am sure they will be able to separate out the different Echo devices on the same account.

Now, what about automation. Like if you get a call, has anyone figured out how to make your lights flash or mute the TV or any type of automation?

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So far, no. We haven’t gained access to that yet.


As soon as they make that available to the custom skills, EchoSistant will be able to handle on day 1…


Fingers crossed it comes soon!

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I just heard back from Amazon tech-support, the forced portrait mode is now a “known issue” and they are hoping to have it fixed soon.


Cool! I’m wagering that Joaoapps-AutoApps will be all over it too :slight_smile:

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My Mom is 91, almost 92. She lives 12 hours from me. I bought her an echo and setup an Amazon account for it. She uses it for nothing. I had hopes, but nope. I do have it in the middle of the main room where she spends 95% of her time. Then a big poster taped to the wall as to what to say to activate the “Ask my Buddy” skill to call if she were to fall. Now, my question, the Alexa Calling feature. Is there a way to set that up when she does not have a smart phone, just the old flip phone??? Thanks

I don’t think so, I think you will have to set it up for her on your smart phone but signing in with her Alexa account. Once it is set up it will work with her echo and it won’t matter where your phone is.

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