Alexa auto play with ST arrival routine?

So i have a simple routine set where upon arrival to the house, the lights come on and dim, the fans come on, and the TV comes on (harmony) to ESPN. Im thinking Id rather have my alexa turn on and play music (iheartradio preferably) rather than the TV come on. Anyone successfully done this?
Also, can add a trigger in that routine to check the outside temp or the nest temp inside to only turn the fans on if its above a certain temp?

At present there is no way to trigger Alexa without talking to her.

not with Alexa hardware device. IF you have a connected speaker such as sonos you would be able to have that set up.

You can use virtual thermostat in the marketplace to turn the fans on and off and certain temps. I use it for that very purpose.

Seems to me that you don’t really need Alexa to be involved in the other things you want to do when you arrive home. I’m thinking that SmartThings and Harmony can handle all of that without Alexa being involved.

Setup Big Talkers and have a SONOS or Samsung speaker tell Alexa to play the radio. I have a Samsung 360 in my living room and an Alexa right next to it and have done this before. With me my welcome home is multiple Steps, Set temp about 5 miles away, open garage and set bottom floor lights to on. open entry from garage and turn on AV equipment to last channel. When I reach the stairs my house welcomes me home and tells me about my evening schedule through Alexa.

BTW using Big talkers cleans up the TTS on the Samsung speakers so much.

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