Alexa as speaker (notifications) in Smartthings?

Hi, just got an Echo Dot and got the “Smartthings Skill” learned on it. But I was hoping I also could add it to Smartthings to get the Echo Dot to speak notifications, eg. from a CoRE piston?

Isn’t that possible?

The Echo’s and the google Homes don’t make announcements. You have to talk to them first. (except for timer alarms)

Thats really bummer… I thought I could add the Echo Dot as an uPNP player or something.
So even with hacks etc, there is no way to get notifications on Echo Dot, eg. from a piston from CoRE?

I do this, but it does require other items.

I have a Fire tablet mounted on my wall. It has LANnouncer running on it (search on here for it). The tablet is then bluetooth-connected to the Echo. Any announcements will go through the tablet, which is connected to the Echo so it will output the audio.


Is there a delay though? With the door openings?

No more of a delay than any other combination of items (opening a door and having a light turn on, for example).

Didn’t even think of this.

I’m going to take this a step forward and run a Tasker task to make it connect to the dot when a speak text is pushed from webcore

Or you could get REALLY creative now that Alexa has the “Announce” ability (as of last week I think). So you can say “Alexa Announce Dinner is ready” and it says it on all the echo devices in the house.

You could then have LANnouncer say that “Alexa announce the front door is open” when the action is triggered, and therefore have all your Echo devices make the announcement.

How would you have lannouncer use announce? Lannouncer cannot talk to Alexa directly I thought. I can use lannouncer with Google home visit cast web api.

This is how I have mines. Each tablet has either an Echo or Soundbar hooked up to it. Now all of my Amazon Tablets also work as Alexa hands-free devices but this is only useful for speaking to them as the tiny speakers are not good for anything useful but…read below!

I have one Tablet and 1 dot tucked away in my network closet and I use the tablet to speak to the dot for things such as playing music or starting the flash briefing or even making calls! Now, with the Announce feature, I can even program ST via webCoRE to speak all at once. However, I find it just as convenient to use webCoRE to just select all of the tablets and use the “Speak” command.

Pretty cool stuff!

I assume you have them connected via Bluetooth. But that would be tablet to dot. You wouldn’t need the tablet for the news flash.

Actually for this pair, they are not connected via bluetooth as this wouldn’t work. They are just close to each other so the dot can hear the tablet.

With this setup, I can also tell Alexa to play whatever to specific devices and groups.

For Example:

If switch button 3 is pushed (GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer)
With Light Turn On to 80%
With Iron Turn On
With Alexa Tablet Speak, “Alexa, play my music on master bedroom”

I also have Virtual Switches that are displayed in Action Tiles for things like:
Smooth Jazz, Pod Cast, Pandora, etc…which can be triggered without speaking directly to Alexa…Well at least not with a human voice.

Oh I see you have the tablet pass webcore speak commands to Alexa. I see. Lol