ZWave Speaker for Announcing Messages

Hello all,

Currently we have a Vivint legacy system that announces when the alarm is armed/disarmed, doors open, etc. I have a significant investment in Echo/Dots around the home for Voice integration into ST. Here is my (2) question:

1.) Is there a way to leverage Alexa/Echo using either Echossistant or AskAlexa to do these same announcements throughout the home or AT LEAST on the kitchen Echo?

2.) If no Alexa way what is a good sounding ZWave Speaker I could power/mount in the kitchen and then code announcements to this device depending on automation? I know Sonos is an option but sure is an expensive one.


  1. For now, Amazon does not allow Echo to do unprompted notifications. It may come as a future update.

  2. There are several approaches for announcing messages.
    A. Similar to the Sonos, the Fabriq speaker has DNLA capability to act as TTS for Smartthings

B. Use an Android device (5.1 OS) with LANnouncer software and BigTalker

C. Use a dedicated doorbell that can play MP3 sounds

There are more options but that should get you started.

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Thank you for this great start! Do you know if there is anything similar to the Aeon Labs Doorbell for the Ring Doorbell? If I am going to invest in a doorbell might as well go for it all with security in mind.

Sorry but I’m not familiar about this one.

Just to clarify, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find a Z-Wave speaker as such that you can send audio over Z-Wave to it, there’s not really enough bandwidth for that.