Alexa and wired speakers?

I have an echo in my kitchen, but have some wired speakers. I’m considering getting a new home receivers with Bluetooth built in so I can stream to it.

  1. How many steps do I need to use this receiver to power the wired speakers from Alexa?
  2. Do receivers power on/off from Bluetooth commands? I would prefer not to leave my receiver powered up all the time.

Or, you could get the new Echo Link Amp or Echo Link and a third-party amp.

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My first option is I’d like to use a receiver, since the speaker wires terminate in the same spot as my entertainment area speakers. The echo link/amp are a potential secondary option though.

I find this a bit mystifying. What’s even more mystifying is that there is now an Echo Microwave.
Why that, instead of a coffee pot?

More specifically, why do we have a $60 WiFi-controlled microwave, but not yet a $60 WiFi-controlled coffee maker? One would think the coffeemaker was the air more obvious choice. I mean,mi cannot remember the last time I put a piece of salmon in the microwave without wanting to cook it at that moment. Coffee, otoh, is scheduled by most people.

we use a Sonos bridge and Sonos connect, the Bridge sends the signal out, the Connect accepts the signal and is in turn connected to my amp which in turn has 2 wired mission floor standers connected, i do leave the amp on though but as its an older NAD amp its not a surround amp so not really drawing much current

Would really like a Sonos amp which would let me get rid of the existing NAD amp but the sonos price for one of there amps is more than i am willing to shell out for

Wouldnt really trust Bluetooth for music, i find BT a bit flaky for reliable music playback

Do current receivers have the ability to power on and off through a Bluetooth command from Alexa/smartthings or easier to just add a smart plug to that device? Or do I just hook an echo dot up to my receiver…

Sonos is a bit out of my budget.

My Denon has a Bluetooth input. I can say to my living room echo “Alexa, connect” and it will connect to the Denon - and when it does, the Denon automatically switches to the Bluetooth input.

The distance between them is nine feet. I have no ‘flaky’ connectivity issues whatsoever.

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Does it also power off when you’re done, or say stop?

It does not automatically power off. But the Denon is a device in Smartthings; saying “Alexa, turn off Denon” takes care of the issue.

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With the new Show coming out, I’m thinking we are going to go all in with Amazon. I notice many receivers have Chromecast built in. Besides Denon, do most receiver brands play well with Alexa?