Echo Dot Connected to AVR - Send Alexa Responses Elsewhere?

I have an echo dot connected to my Denon AVR so we can stream music, etc. However, when the Denon input is switched from the “Alexa” input, we no longer get output from Alexa. Is there a way to send Ask Alexa and other Alexa responses somewhere else when the AVR is off or switched to a different output?

What else do you want to do with Alexa while your receiver is on another input or off?

Currently, the AVR has to be on to hear any output from the Echo (it’s connected with 3.5mm cable) and I don’t keep it on all the time. So you have to first say “Alexa, turn on the stereo”. Then if someone is watching TV (different input on AVR) the Echo cannot be heard. I tried dedicating one Echo for the HT and then having another in the kitchen, but they were too close. Depending on where you were standing, you never knew which Echo would respond.

In your receiver, do you have the ability to turn off bluetooth when it isn’t on the bluetooth input. I have the same setup as you, connected to my receiver via bluetooth. When I have the input set to TV, my bluetooth on the receiver turns off and the Dot disconnects defaulting back to its internal speaker.

Dot works differently depending on whether it’s connected by Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack. With your Bluetooth connection it’ll do what you said. OP said he uses 3.5mm; the dot can’t default back to its internal speaker.

@SmartThinker can your AVR connect with Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, it cannot.

For now I have disconnected the dot from the AVR. Instead, I am using Tasker with autovoice.