Alexa and Wink playing better together

So Wink just got a very mini Ask Alexa as a native function, being able to execute their Shortcuts (equivalent to ST Routines). Or at best it bypasses the use of ST virtual switches, which not everyone knows they exist.

What are you going to come up with, ST?

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@bamarayne is jumping ship…

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The wink robot is the same as ST routines… just part of Amazon opening up that option.

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Not quite… lol. Wink still needs a rule engine

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Amazon recently made this feature available to all of the skills developers. So everybody’s adding it at about the same time. It’s the ability to have routines discovered along with devices.

SmartThings added this for its own routines last week. It’s taking advantage of the same Alexa feature.

I expect Insteon and Iris Will also have it soon if they don’t already.

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Problem with this is that ( I assume ) most people, myself included have locks included in good night and good bye routines. Just to make sure doors are locked. I just tried adding routines and got notice that those routines could not be included because they included a prohibited device. ," to enable please remove all locks, garage doors, cameras and security devices. "

So we are back to having to play the virtual switch to outsmart Amazon trick again.

Fortunately ask Alexa bypasses this restriction and I can run good night. " Alexa tell Odyssey Good Night "

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Oh sure, but after years of promises on MyQ, the changes required there to support MyQ’s restrictions are
apparently impossible to overcome…

Smells like BS more than ever.