Echo vs Echo Dot - a short question

With the Echo Dot’s now out and in use for several weeks, the SAF has never been higher for ST and HA in general. Putting them in the bedroom and nursery has made things even smoother for controlling lights, musics, modes, etc. My only complaint is that the Dots seem to struggle more with recognizing commands than the original Echo. I haven’t decided if this is because of hardware differences, or if their smaller size makes it easier to place them in locations that are less amenable for voice recognition (I’ll be experimenting with location to see if I can find a more optimal location). In any case, has anyone else noticed differences in the voice recognition success rates? I’m curious if this is a common experience…

I think this. You might increase the incoming voice strength by adding a corner reflector (cut out a cardboard box corner), or putting it a room corner. Which would mess with its signal processing to determine the incoming voice direction.

Yea, I’ve noticed this as well, I suspect it has something to do with sound reflecting form horizontal surfaces arriving at virtually the same time as those directly hitting the dot’s microphone array.
With the Echo, this reflection has quite a bit more delay to it.
Try putting the dot on top of something tall and the same diameter or smaller than the dot, see if this makes any difference…

Make sure and train each, that seemed to help somewhat. And train as you would normally be using it in that location - not necessarily facing it.

My own experience is the dot on my desk does the best, the Echo in the bedroom is ok, the dot on the kitchen counter probably does the worst.

@ero4444 @Mike_Maxwell Well… One is in a corner of the room on an end-table next to a chair. I’ve noticed sitting next to the Dot and speaking usually produces worse results compared to speaking from a few feet away. I guess reverberations off the back-wall are interfering? And with the other Dot, it’s on a desk where there’s a wall on one side, and an ever-increasing stack of “important-but-not-urgent-things-to-do.” Here again, I find the voice recognition accuracy varies depending on what angle I’m speaking from.

As a side note, I find it amazing how subtle and seemingly mundane details about daily life become highlighted by HA projects. Never in a million years would’ve thought I’d spend this much time thinking about how to arrange home decor.