IFTTT / Alexa seems to be available for Echo in the UK now

IFTTT is now showing Alexa (US & UK only). I have setup a couple of Applets but not had chance to test yet.


I noticed that too. But ifttt does not appear as a skill from the alexa app side though.

I don’t think it’s a skill - you just link your account and that’s it.

Then you just say 'Alexa trigger…"

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As Stephen mentioned, you need to connect IFTTT to your amazon account on the IFTTT webpage by clicking on the Alexa service and then Connect.

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…and then it just works! It’s a little limited right now, it seems to just do “Alexa, trigger…” plus a keyword or it can act when you add things to your lists or play a song. I guess I’ll still need to persevere with AskAlexa for more flexibility in what I’m asking.

Great news, at last.
Just need to remember what i used to use it for!

Exactly, I’m looking at it now thinking ‘why did I need this?’

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That’s exactly where I’m struggling!
I can remember being furious when I realised I didn’t have IFTTT on my UK Echo. I had so many things I wanted to use it for!

Now? No idea. I think I must have solved most of the problems by creating Echo groups and having them turn on groups of switches.

All, please post some useful ideas as I’m at a loss right now too!!

The only thing I have come up with is to flash my hue lights when a timer gets to zero…

I have also setup ‘Trigger bedtime’ which I am hoping will run a bedtime routine via a virtual switch as I cant do this directly with the Smarthings skill due to it containing an SHM command. And using ‘Tell Smarthings to run bedtime’ just seems too convoluted.

I can post some ideas… no wait nothing here either!

Everything that IFTTT can achieve can be done much more simply and powerfully by:
Routine in ST
CoRE piston which on routine running does X, Y and Z

Plus “turn on” is much easier to say “trigger”

IFTTT is literally pointless.

The timer making lights flash is a very good idea.

As for your bedtime routine, forget the virtual switch, do this:
Make a routine called Bedtime which does absolutely nothing
In CoRE make a piston which is triggered by the routine running.
That way you can do all the unauthorised stuff like SHM, locks, etc because all Alexa can see is an empty routine. This also gives you the option of pressing the routine on your phone and it all still working as intended.

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That’s not a bad idea - hadn’t considered creating an empty routine but it makes sense.

I’ve pretty much done the same already. I honestly cannot think of any benefit of having a direct relationship between echo and IFTTT. Everything I want done is already available via smartthings.

It’s one of those things you want, and then when you do have it you wonder why you wanted it in the first place! LOL

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Different people use it differently. I do all of my television control of the Logitech Harmony through IFTTT because the SmartThings implementation keeps changing and I just don’t want to fuss with keeping up with the changes.

Some people use IFTTT because they like The ability to use a custom phrase. You still have to say “Alexa, trigger…” but after that you can use any phrase you want. Some people prefer “Alexa, trigger good night” to “Alexa, turn on good night,” for example. Or “Alexa, trigger the pod bay doors” as a phrase to open the garage.

Granted, AskAlexa also gives you custom phrases, but the set up is much more complex than IFTTT.

But I would say that all in all the most popular use of echo and IFTTT is to add voice Control to devices that don’t have a SmartThings integration. Sprinkler systems are a common example. Sure, you could eventually build something using virtual switches, but if all you want is a voice override of your already automated third-party system, IFTTT can be a very easy way to do that.

I agree that the echo/IFTTT integration is most useful for people who don’t have SmartThings. :sunglasses:

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I agree, I think now that I understand Smartthings a little better then I did a year ago (when I first started out with my smart home), I have less uses for IFTTT.

When it comes to routines I do prefer the phrase ‘trigger goodnight’ rather than ‘turn on goodnight’ so will probably make some use of it in that way.

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It seems Amazon are slowly starting to release long awaited apps - a few more have just appeared e.g. Osram, Harmony, Netatmo…

I’ve been waiting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages for the Anymote skill. Before I pull the trigger on purchasing a Harmony Hub - can anyone tell me whether they’re actually worth it?

One thing I also saw is that you can get additional IR senders - could I potentially set up another IR sender in my bedroom (different room to where my hub would be located) and could that control my bedroom tv, or do they physically need to be connected to the hub?

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I personally think the Harmony Elite has been a good purchase for me though I haven’t tried Anymote. It has coped with everything I have asked of it and with ST being able to start & stop activities as well as seeing the state of the activity, it has enhanced my automation.

Not sure about an additional IR blaster in another room. The IR blaster probably wouldn’t appreciate having its cable extended (and this may not be practical). I think you may need another hub for additional rooms.

Looking forward to trying the Alexa skill, though would probably just use commands for pause/play and volume up or down as I can already voice control the activities via ST.

Just need Sonos to sort out their Alexa integration and I my life will be complete.

After reading more into the hub, you’re right… it seems I’d need another hub - didn’t fully understand how it worked. Probably could do without that then.

Bit worried about the placement of the IR blaster mind you - i could sit it in front of the TV / FireTV, but I’d also like it to control my fireplace too which is slightly further away from my tv and requires more of a direct line of site to it’s receiver. Probably would need 2 IR blasters in total.

You may not even need to use the IR blasters. The hub itself emits the iR and so does the remote and I have never had any issues with IR signals not getting through.

I believe the Fire TV uses Bluetooth rather than IR. I have the 4K Fire TV (square box) and I’m almost positive it only uses the Bluetooth connection from the hub. I purchased the Harmony Elite which comes with two IR blasters and recently I removed one because it wasn’t required.