AlertLabs flowie integration [Flow meter]

Hey All,

I just recieved a Flowie [given to me free by my insurance company]. It came with a leak sensor too. I’m curious if anyone else has one, and if you managed to find a way to integrate it to SmartThins? I’d love to centralize my alerting and dashboard into SmartThings, all these fragmented products and different logins is driving me up the wall.

A flow meter will make me fuzzy and warm from all the data.

Need this on smartthings today, what do this cost?

So my insurance company partnered with the company, it came free. Normally
there is a 4.99/month monitoring fee and the hardware is around $250 but
they waived that (after a year the 4.99 needs to be paid or i lose access
to the service). I’d pay that fee happily as long as i got to stream the
data myself too.