Wired Alarm Takeover with 2Gig Super Switch

Hi guys,

I’m still trying to figure out how I can connect my existing wired alarm (VISTA 20HWSE w/micro) to the SmartThings infrastructure so that I can fully utilize all of my wired sensors throughout my home (i.e. doors, windows, motion sensors, etc). Unfortunately, I don’t have the expertise to program a decoder and a stand computer interface to make it all work.

So with that being said, what about this new device from 2Gig called the Super switch takeover modulate? It’s only ~$50 and supports 8 inputs. Also, it can be coupled with a 2nd or 3rd to increase your number of inputs. Here’s a couple of links:
Takeover Module

Takeover Directions:

Do you guys think a SmartApp could be programmed to interface this clever Alarm Switch with the SmartThings infrastructure? Now as I’m writing I’m quickly realizing it totally depends on if this frequency band is supported by the SmartThings hub… hmmm.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas on this? or if you already know if there’s an existing Z-Wave compatible Super Switch to easily convert a wired alarm system into the SmartThings infrastructure?

Thanks in advance!

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@dhsemp, If you search for “ADT integration” you should find the thread where some folks have used an arduino shield and a Nutech AD2PI interface.

I’m taking a slightly different approach and am using an AD2USB to interface with a Mac mini. With any luck I should have some prototype code finished soon, tonight if I’m lucky. It’s definitely prototype code so isn’t completely flexible but with only a bit of tweaking should be usable by others.

If you want to go the hardware route though, then folks on that thread should be able to help.

You could also use an Envisalink along with a computer running AlarmServer. My wired zones are all working, but this approach seems to only work “OK”. It still needs some refinement.

I might be completely off base here, but I was going to try to do this with an Arduino Leonardo and a Thingshield. As usual due to time constraints, I have done limited interweb research which will either result in me smoking this thing, or succeeding, but either way learning a lot. I’m very far away from having anything working, just learning Arduino and Smartthings coding at the same time at this point.

The 2GIG Take-345 is going to transmit at 345 mhz as will any 2GIG security sensor. It is intended for use with the 2GIG Go Control Panel. https://suretydiy.com/forums/topic/how-to-install-a-2gig-take-345-takeover-module/

Perhaps use something like this? http://www.fortrezz.com/index.php/products/mimolite

With the mimolite you would be monitoring a single input, but it would integrate any time an alarm overall is tripped. Perhaps using the siren output on the Vista?