Alarm triggered while in Disarm mode

I had a scenario today where the Alarm went off after my kid came back home.
She has a tag and she need to enter a code on the Lock to enter.
“Presence” triggers I’m Back and Change mode to "Home"and Successful Unlock runs I’m Back Routine and Change Mode to Home (a bit redundant).
I’m Back routine configures SHM to Disarm.

Everything worked fine, but the Alarm went off, and it seems like it was triggered by the Door sensor.

Is this a typical known issue with SHM? or am I doing something wrong?
is this a timing issue, and is there more logs I could get to check where the issue was?

4:15 Lock was unlock using a code
4:15 Entry Door Active / Opened
4:15 I’m Back was executed (This is programmed to put the SHM to Disarm)
4:15 Alarm system status is OFF
4:15 I’m Back
4:15 I’m Back
4:15 Schlage Lock Alarm Mode and Sensitivity Change and Monitor x2
4:15 Security/alert with Sirens
4:15 Security - Intrusion is Alarm
4:15 Security - System Status is Off
4:15 Security/Alert with Sirens - Triggered is True
4:15 Security - a long string of data
4:15 Universal Z-Wave Lock with Alarms for Schlage and Yale - Alarm Mode (that’s to change the local lock alarm mode to simple chime)
4:15 Entry Door was closed
4:15 Z-Wave Siren - Alarm is Both

Only 5 minutes afterwards the Presence sensor detected the Kid, usually it’s way faster that that.

I have the same type problem. I have multiple rules not for my “Im home” routine. It always triggers teh alarm when the garage opens. Here is the kicker
I have the disarm in one routine
a rule in rule machine taht opens the garage door 10 seconds AFTER Im Home runs.

Just a quick glance over that timeline… It shows the Entry Door was opened before the alarm status was set to OFF.

Definitely looks to me like a timing issue, and only by a matter of seconds probably.
I’m not sure why it took so long for the presence sensor to detect though. Mine has done it twice, but not by minutes, it was about 20 seconds late in detecting me so my system went off (I only have presence detection to change mode, no locks)

The more I think about it, the more I agree, it seems to be a timing issue.
Maybe the platform lagged a bit, usually it picks up the Presence Tag before we even arrive at the main door.

I don’t have a keypad yet, so the problem was the Kid wasn’t able to turn off the alarm, so I added a rule in the I’m Back routine to turn off the Siren since Disarm seems to not doing that by itself…

Is there a way to configure a delay with several pre"beep" alerting that the siren is about to go off?

i had the same thing happen today. Some sort of lag issue. Seems to be very bad today.

Not with SHM. This is a pretty glaring hole. I’m sure ST will add it, but no one knows when.

Smart Alarm, a community developed app, does offer this sort of entry delay.

Lag with presence detection is going to be an issue with any zigbee device. It’s just how mesh networks work. I have had better luck with BeaconThings and iBeacons, but setup is more involved.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at Smart Alarm if this happens too often.

I did a try this evening, and even after reaching the door, the system detected the presence of key fobs and did the right thing. Will run some more monitoring this week end.
I also installed a keypad, hopefully it can help to activate I’m Home when there are lags with the platform.

I had all kinds of false errors with SHM, I uninstalled it for now, and just use rule notifications where applicable via rule machine.