FAQ: Want automation, security, cameras - confused about how to start

Hi everyone, I’d like to set up some systems for automation (lights, Nest, etc), get some indoor and outdoor security cameras, and also have a cell-enabled security system.

Did a little reading here and it doesn’t seem like the ST hub is ready for the alarm part. Some of the other systems I’m seeing (2Gig via alarm.com) nickle and dime you for every little thing you add on and I don’t want to get into that game. Yet, I don’t necessarily want all different systems and make everything so fragmented with 3-4 different aps to see everything. There doesn’t seem to be one device to do it all, but I guess I’m curious what the best way to proceed?

Would I maybe want a 2Gig or Simon XT with just some basic alarm monitoring for $20/month, and then get a ST hub to interact with the lights, thermostat and other z-wave stuff? I have a Synology NAS which can handle cameras and even can run a Window VM for Blue Iris. Would I just want to integrate the cameras into the ST hub, or keep them separate?

I think I know what I want in the end, I’m just not sure how to get there…

Thanks in advance.

For my requirements I feel ST can totally handle alarming. You can send a push notification, trigger an actual siren, show video (from what I understand.) It won’t call the cops or fire which I prefer, I’d rather check cameras.

I am trying to better understand the capabilities of video monitoring with the hub. I am currently planning on using a synology disk station for all of the video stuff and just some minor integration with the cameras because the ones that are fully compatible with ST are over priced and have mediocre reviews.

I’m trying to find out a lot of the camera information as well. Been following the threads about what is coming up for support (RSTP, it appears?) but what I’m trying to understand is how the camera’s actually talk to the V2. My guess is that they’re targeting the V2 IP address for streaming, and then the V2 is sending that information out to the cloud for pickup/storage. Is that correct?

If so, I’m wondering if that feed could be sent locally, or if there are plans to have a ‘camera feed’ app/capability to be able to pick and choose which camera streams to actually show in the app? The idea would be that the cameras would actually stream to a server, and the server could send ‘channels’ to the V2.

Discussion of SmartThings compared to purpose-built security systems:

Official explanation of video offering (Read very carefully, make no assumptions about what is included. For example, there are video clips, but at present you can’t download them or share them with anyone else.)