Alarm Notifications

As a user I would like a notification that will keep sounding until it has been dismissed. In addition, I would like the ability to set the alarm volume independently of the phones volume so that it will alert even if the phone ringer/notifications are on vibrate. What I have in mind is something like the Android alarm clock where you can set the volume and must swipe to dismiss it.

My particular use case is that I would like to be notified when my garage service door is opened at night. I currently have an open close sensor that is sending a push notification when in “night” mode. I played a bit last night and tried to get that specific notification to be louder than the others. But, after wrestling with it for a bit it seemed like it really needed a different mechanism like the alarm clock has.

Note, I did find this searching the forum, but thought I’d do a different feature request b/c this seemed to be more about making an alarm clock that triggered events vs. having events be able to trigger an alarm on your phone vs. sending a push notification.