Alarm Keypad Stopped working today (7/21/23)

My Alarm Keypads stopped working today a both houses, which are in different states.

Driver now says … Zigbee Thing ???

Now what ???

Every week or two I loose functionally with something.

Were your keypads running Edge drivers? There have been quite a few instances of devices running Groovy drivers that SmartThings tried to autoconvert. In some cases, the proper Edge driver could not be identified because the fingerprint for the device did not match with SmartThings stock drivers. Those devices for which an Edge driver could not be identified become “Things”.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll need to post the make and model of the keypad so someone here can help you identify the proper Edge driver channel.

Major Issues created today…
I lost the Keypads, Virtual Switches, and for some reason EVERY Automation, at BOTH Houses were turned to the OFF Position.

Info for the Keypads are, and I have 4 of them…

Type: Security Keypad
Make: IRIS / CentraLite
Model: 3405-L - 2nd Gen

Yep - same here.

So far I haven’t found anyone who has created an EDGE driver for the Centralite keypads, and no one working on one from what I can tell.

Rboy doesn’t respond to questions about whether or not he will be transitioning his drivers to EDGE.

Believe we’re SOL with this one.