Airfoil Integration

Reaching ST Development Community

Any one have any experience working with Airfoil? I think this would be an AWESOME integration that will allow to ST to have a voice, similar to SONOS, without the hefty price tag.

I’m unsure if it will be able to serve the same use cases as Sonos but trying to start the conversation here.




i would like to see this Airfoil is much cheaper than Sonons

I have Airfoil control support working in SmartThings via the following small project to add a REST API to Airfoil:

The SmartThings integration is app is a service manager / device type combo. Here’s how it looks:

Speakers are exposed as “dimmers” to SmartThings. On == Connect, and Off == Disconnect. SetLevel == Volume Control.

This app does not have the ability to stream music or play text, and it likely never will. It’s only utility is to control a running copy of Airfoil (similar to what you can do with Airfoil Remote) via SmartThings.

For those wanting text to speech, this could be combined with another similar app that runs on a local mac and proxies to the say command, but that’s not what I’m personally working towards.


I would love a little more explanation. I have no idea what REST is. Is this still a viable solution?

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