Smartthings & Tailwind Garage door controller

I recently purchase a Tailwind Garage door controller after my third Z-wave garage door controller died. I am looking for a way to connect to it through smarthings.

This looks like a wifi based opener, so you’ll need some custom code and their API to be able to integrate with ST.

What were your three previous zwave devices that failed?

Go control/ by linear were the type of the last two. I do not remember the first one

Tailwind now works with Smart Things. ST announced it today.


I saw this and have now been able to connect my Tailwind iQ3 to ST. It works perfectly in the ST Connect app, but in the Classic app, it just shows up with the title “Tile missing” and no operations work.

In any case, the next step I wanted to achieve was to bring the garage doors over to HomeKit using the Homebridge smartapp. However, the doors don’t show up in any of the categories of devices I can choose to porting to HomeKit.

Does anyone know if this is possible to do somehow?

The newer devices that are bing integrated through the new ST app through cloud integrations will not work in the ST Classic app nor groovy apps such as webcore or homekit.

OK, thanks! Is that also the reason why HomeKit integration doesn’t seem possible?

Yes (need 10 characters)

Bummer! Thanks for clarifying.


Nice to hear from you! I hope Tailwind has been performing well for you.

I don’t know the difference between ST classic and ST connect but I can ask the developer about it. I know our implementation of the ST integration requires cloud connectivity. It does not work local only.

Can you send me a link to the Homebridge Smartapp you’re trying to use?

FYI we have Tailwind working directly with HomeKit already but it’s not released yet.


Hi, Scott, good to hear from you again. Tailwind is indeed working very well, even more so when I can now use nfc tags to trigger Siri Shortcuts.

But I am still chasing that elusive HomeKit integration, and I thought this Smartapp could be a workaround:

However, if you manage to get native HK support working, that’d be great!


I tried adding Tailwind to the ST app, but it never opened the door after successfully linking it. I removed it, then tried to re-add it, but it never asks for the login info again, and only shows “successfully connected to Tailwind” with the Done button. It also doesn’t reappear in the ST app. I’m not sure how to fix this, since it appears to still have the info saved somewhere and it doesn’t show up under IDE site. The ST Classic app not working with it also looks like it maybe a pain tying it into automations.

I am also having the same problem as tpersuit :frowning: . I had initially added Tailwind to ST and it was working. But I accidentally deleted it. When I tried to re-add Tailwind, I would complete the add, but it would not show up as a device on my ST. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

remove the integration in menu > settings (the cogwheel) > Connected services. then try to add it back

Worked! Thank you!

Any update on HomeKit integration for Tailwind since a year ago? I’d love to do it through SmartThings and Homebridge, but as noted here that’s not possible.

It’s coming. Long, brutal process. Even the slightest hiccup and then we have to wait weeks for answers from Apple. All I can say is it is being worked on, but frankly I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Yikes! Thanks for the update, and good luck.