Recommendations Needed. Air Quality Monitor in USA

I do a ton of 3D resin printing. Even though my printer is vented to outside, I’d like to monitor VOC levels in my print room and turn on a supplementary vent if the levels get too high. Is anyone running an air quality monitor with Smartthings? Which one? I have found these on Amazon. Does anyone have experience with them?

One general note: Most battery powered sensors will only report every 15 minutes, in order to save battery life. And some only report once an hour.

If you want more frequent reporting, you should probably look for a mains powered model.

There are several air quality monitors in various price ranges that do work with the 2023 smartthings architecture, one way or another, so you should have several choices. :sunglasses:

Just remember that, as in all things, you should not rely on smartthings for anything that might impact health or safety. It’s good as a secondary check, but it shouldn’t be your primary safety process.

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Never is the primary. If possible, I’ll get a sensor with the display. I like the looks of the Aqara and there appears to be an edge driver available.


What are some examples options that work with SmartThings now?

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Thank you a lot! I got the same question.

I ended up with the Aqara. The driver situation took some figuring out, and I have to run a Sharptoools rule to get it to update, but with all that figured out, it now automatically cycles my vent fan when VOCs get too high.