After Relocation, Two Devices Constantly, Inexplicably Offline

I have a home system that includes approximately 20 Z-Wave devices. They include:

These devices were originally installed close to each other (about 10ft apart). They worked without error for years. Then I moved. In the new house, all of the Z-Wave devices (that I could bring with me) came back online, including the two above.

But every 12-36 hours, both of these devices go offline. I can take out the batteries a few times and get them to reconnect. I’ve tried replacing the batteries. I’ve tried removing them completely from the ST hub and re-adding. I’ve used the “rebuild Z-wave network” utility a thousand times. Over the last three weeks I’ve systematically tried every variation I can conceive to reconnect these two devices.

In the new location, these two devices are now far apart (one on 2nd floor, the other in the basement, opposite ends of the house). I installed a Z-Wave extender in a median location, which has never gone offline.

I’m losing my mind. Can anyone offer any insight as to why these devices might be going offline?

can you provide:

  • version of the devices
  • assigned Edge driver for the devices
  • fingerprints of the devices (manufacture code that can be fount in Advanced Web App

Part of your issue here is using a zwabe extender for 2 devices that use the zig ee protocol. Those 2 devices, if they are indeed Smartthings branded are definitely zig ee

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Motion Sensor

  • Version: (?) SmartThings Motion Sensor M/N IM6001-MTP01
  • Driver: SmarThings driver for Zigbee motion sensor devices, 2023.06-13T18:57:34.27607388
  • Manufactuer: SmartThingsCommunity; Code: Samjin; Model: motion

Leak Sensor

  • Version: (?) 3315-S
  • Driver: Smartthings driver for Zigbee water leak sensor devices, 2023.06-13T18:57:39.668041122
  • Manufactuer: SmartThingsCommunity; Code: CentraLite; Model: 3315-S

*places head in palms, gently weeps*

After looking through the advanced web app, it looks like they are in fact the only two Zigbee devices on my network. Hmm…

I’ve also noticed that if I have trouble reconnecting these two devices, I have to power cycle the hub to get them to finally reconnect.

Could there be something wrong with the Zigbee antennae in the hub?

If they are in close proximity to your hub, my guess is that your wifi is using a channel that is greatly overlapping you ZigBee channel.

you have two battery powered Zigbee devices and no mains powered Zigbee devices other than the hub.

It’s very likely that they are simply too far away from the hub and sometimes lose connection. :tokyo_tower:

The hub is a plastic box That includes multiple radios, typically including one for Zigbee and one for Z wave. The Zigbee radio creates a Zigbee network. the zwave radio creates a zwave network. The two have nothing to do with each other, except that they both connect to your SmartThings account.

Zwave utilities will not affect zigbee devices.

It sounds like in your new home that you probably need to add A few Zigbee mains powered devices to act as zigbee repeaters. Even just a Zigbee smartplug will do.

The easiest way to test This theory is to move the current Zigbee batterypowered devices back close to the hub. If they stay online, then, then the problem is the physical location. (For the test, choose a location close to the hub, but not too close. At least 12 feet away, but less than 20 feet away. It doesn’t have to be clear line of sight unless you have unusual architecture features like stucco walls or foil wallpaper. After you read the range FAQ, you will understand better.)

It would probably help if you read the FAQ on range and repeating. Although it is old, the information is still good. Start with post 11 in that thread, read that, then go up to the top of the thread, and read the whole thing. I will link directly to Post 11.

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters - #11 by JDRoberts

(There are a few other things that can cause this problem, and it might be a Wi-Fi interference issue, but from your description I think it’s more likely to just be range. )

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Well, it looks like @JDRoberts called it. I placed the two devices next to the hub for a few days and so far no disconnections.

If I had correctly identified them as Zigbee devices, I probably would have arrived at this conclusion much sooner. In any case, I’ve added a Zigbee range extender and we’ll see how it goes.

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