After iOS update smart things isn’t working for me

Does anyone have any suggestions. My wife and I recently updated our application for Samsung smart things and since then we can’t control anything and some statuses are incorrect for my 32 devices. We both tried reinstalling the app multiple times. I did a full reset the other night on the hub and it still isn’t functioning.
Thanks for the help.

Restart your phone?

Yeah just tried.

Ok, let’s start with more details. When you say incorrect status for 32 devices… does that mean offline or other? Is 32 all your devices? When you mentioned hard reset of the hub… are you referring to powering it off, removing batteries if v2 or did you perform a hard reset where you wiped out all the settings on it? :slight_smile:

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If you’re on iOS try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your phone. Lots of people are seeing issues controlling devices after an upgraded mobile app. The reinstall seems to fix it in most cases

Thank you for the response.

So I hard reset it by plugging it back in to power and then putting a pen inside the hole and erased all the data. Then re added it back.
As for the devices none of them say that they’re off-line the hub clearly sees them but some lights say they are on when they are off.

I tired that on both my wife and my phone multiple times.

You may want to contact ST support at this point…

Generally calling is the best method if available

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I had no idea they would be available on the weekend. The gentleman I spoke to was able to get me I’ll straighten down long story short after a hard reset this time deleting everyone of my devices I was able to resolve my issues.

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Thank you all again

I am having the same issue after the recent Samsung app update on IOS. None of my devices are showing online and I can’t do anything. I tried to restart the the hub but it still does not work.

Update: removed the Samsung app and reinstalled and that seemed to have resolved my issue.

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Had the same problem, unplugged hub ( I removed the batteries for the battery backup) for 5 minutes and plugged it back in. It resolved the problem for me.

I am having the same issues. Something is definattely broken.

I have had same issues as above but after clearing safari cache, uninstalling/reinstalling smartthings, and rebooting iphone things seem to be working again. I have run into issue where I’m now unable to add any custom app to a new location. Existing custom apps in my new location appear to function but I can’t add anything new - ran into this while migrating to new v3 hub. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?