After a couple of days routines stop working any ideas

Hi after setting my routines up, for switches to turn on off everything works for a couple days the routines stop working. As anyone experienced the same issues? Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this issue.
I am using a Galaxy S6 Edge with lollipop Andriod.

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Are all actions in your Routines failing, or only Mode changes? I had a similar issue that only affected Mode changes called in Routines. The workaround was to delete all Routines, remove all Mode restrictions in Smartapps, delete the failing Mode(s), and then put everything back.

It’s a PITA that we shouldn’t have to do, but it will buy you some time if this describes your failure mode. Definitely open a Support ticket if it continues, because my situation gradually got worse over time. One point of caution: Don’t delete the mode you are currently in! I don’t know if the system will let you, but I didn’t want to tempt fate.

No my mode changes work fine but I am having similar problems doors are not locking and shm is not setting to arm/stay mode. Basically the whole paragraph regardind device changes. after night mode is set is not firing and coming out. I have deleted and recreated it multiple times

Thanks for that, My modes are working fine. It is the routine I have set up myself. Switches on and off at specific times are the main issue, routines work for a couple of days then stop.
Will try your suggestion and also raise a ticket with smartthings support.

That could be a fairly simple “fix,” but I’d still recommend opening a Support ticket, so they have another data point (and possibly a solution down the road). In the IDE, goto My Locations > List SmartApps. Now click/tap each scheduled item. This will open another window; look for Scheduled Jobs. If the time/date is in the past, access the Smartapp from the mobile app (My Home > SmartApps) and simply press Done. If you go back to the IDE, it should now be scheduled correctly. GL!

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I repeatedly keep running into issues with scheduled actions not working, followed your instructions today and was able to fix a couple of ones that had jobs in the past. For some reason though just stepping through and pressing Done did not do it, I had to change the time by a minute for it to remove the stale schedules.

For those having recurring issues, I suggest disabling the local processing. I’ve done this about 2 weeks ago and most of my problems went away. If a routine or a schedule gets stuck after ST pushes an update, all I do is push the red button on my hub to restart and everything is back to normal.

You can check what runs locally by following this link:

Thanks Bob, contacted support, they were able to look at my set ups and so far everything is work as it should be. Thanks again for your help.