Affordable humidity sensor?

I’m trying to do some more HA stuff on a budget. Can anyone tell me what the cheapest ST compatible indoor humidity sensor? I’m wanting to use a ST outlet that triggers a humidifier within a certain humidity range. Thanks!

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Not sure “cheapest” is the way I would describe this one, but it gets the job done. $50 and is a motion sensor, temp, light sensor. That is how i justified the cost.

I use it in the basement to trigger lights on motion, and an outlet on a dehumidifier if moisture is too high. Did a test on just using the dehumidifier sensing moisture, and that thing ran all the time. Moving it to an external sensor to trigger cut the power usage by around 75%, and the dehumidifiers (even energy star ones) use a lot of juice.

If you have a Nest you can also use that as a moisture sensor. Think you can with Ecobee too, but I don’t have one.

edit: The sensor I mention does not come with batteries, but you can use a USB to run it. I believe batteries are a couple bucks.

It’s too bad these aren’t available any more. I have several, and I wish I had a couple more:

Another option if you’re going to want multiple sensors is the kumostat wireless tags. You have to buy their ethernet bridge, which is about $40. But the individual sensors, which are very well engineered, run as low as $29. And their multisensor, which includes motion detection, is $39.

So if you’re going to want more than 4, The Kumostat end up being less expensive than even the everspring zwave model. But the set up is more complicated.

Kumostat also has a nice IFTTT channel which gives you additional indirect integration options.

This works well for me with ST.

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Thanks so much for the replies everyone! I already have one of the Aeotec MS6 for outside, was hoping to go with something cheaper since I just need a humidity sensor. I’ll probably just wait. Hopefully those smartsense humidity sensors come back. Is there any word on them?

If you are the DIY type, this looks really inexpensive and could be fun:

I use the everspring z-wave temp/humidity sensor. Primarily for the temperature, which I find to be consistent but usually 1-2 degrees F less than a reference thermometer.

I think it’s tough for these small electronic devices to be as accurate with humidity. This one’s probably 5ish % off, but both over and under, a calibrated electronic hygrometer. Right now they’re $46 on amazon.

I have three, I bought two of them on ebay for $40, new, no different than the one I got from this same seller on amazon. Not sure if there are any other sensors around now that are much cheaper.

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